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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!


I wanted to share a couple of thoughts that may help youmake good on your intentions to make 2015 a more happy, healthy year foryourself.


Keep them in mind before making any of those New Year’sResolutions.


1.Take a moment to smile and recognize everyeffort you put forth towards making yourself healthier. So, any day you hit thegym, eat a balanced meal, get an extra hour of sleep – you’ve done somethingquite wicked!


2.Use all that is available to you at Area Fitness,to help you.

·If you’re in a rut, book a personal trainingsession – one may be all you need to work some fun, new challenges into yourroutine.

·Try something new. This month, everyday has afree class – try a spin class, bootcamp or yoga session.

·Use your community here. We’re fortunate to havemembers at Area that offer services through their own business that could be ofinterest to you.  For instance, there isa member who has started a business preparing nutritious meals. She lives inthe area, so you can pick one up or have it delivered. Please let me know ifyou have a service that could help your fellow members and I’ll post it in myblog.

·Say no!! Just once a week – tag that onto your‘me’ time and get more sleep!


Wishing you all, a happy and healthy 2015!



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