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Easter Weekend

Spring is almost here...

Iknow they say that the first day of spring is March 21st. However,if you live here in Ontario, you understand that promises can easily be broken.Yes we are all tired of trudging a long in our snow boots, and shovelling ourwalkways, but really, truthfully, spring is coming.

Toput us in a warmer state of mind, Connie and I couldn’t help but discussing allthe amazing foods that come into their own during, shall we say thistemperamental season.

Ifyou checked out the last post, you know that spring is a great time to do alittle detoxing, and the foods that Mother Nature likes to share with uscouldn’t be more aligned with that! Here are my top picks for the season’shealthiest foods.

Rhubarb: used traditionally as a laxative(which will really help with spring cleaning) rhubarb is also a great source ofcalcium, lutein, and Vitamin K which play a role in promoting bone health, andgetting skin glowing. The bitterness of rhubarb also makes it a great choicefor improving digestion, and helping you beat any winter bloat.

Microgreens: these tender greens arethe first to make their appearance after a long hard, winter, and are theperfect for no-fuss salads (remember those?? It has been too cold to even thinkabout salad for months now!) Chalked full of chlorophyll and magnesium, greenshelp us to trap unwanted toxins and get things moving out of our system!

Asparagus: the succulent, tender spearsare one of the truest signs that spring is here! With such a short growingseason, I tend to live off them for days, hoping to savour every last momentuntil they are gone, but thanks to their high content of prebiotic fibre, theireffects last much longer. Prebiotic fibre is the food for our intestinal flora,and the more of that they have the stronger they grow, providing us with manyhealth benefits, like improved immunity, reduced inflammation, and betterdigestive health.

Radishes: radishes are often the forgottenchild of the cruciferous family (broccoli, cauliflower and kale getting all theglory), but just one bite into their spicy flesh and you know something has tobe good! Like other cruciferous veggies radishes are high in sulfur, a mineralwhich we need for proper detoxification, as well as strong hair, glowing skinand healthy nails.

Positivethoughts for warmer temperatures!


Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air. Despite what themercury might say, there is definitely a perceptible shift in the air as wemarch full steam ahead towards the Vernal Equinox.

Our bodies are much like the seasons. OldMan Winter has blanketed us with snow and ice for the past few months. We havecovered ourselves in an attempt to stay warm. While the earth has lain dormant,we too have bunkered down and hibernated. That my friends, is all about tochange!

The other day, Connie and I were talkingabout preparing for spring. There is no surprise that this is a great time tocleanse, renew, and dust off the old cobwebs. So as we shed our heavy clothes,here are some great tips to get your body ready for warmer temps, and put alittle spring back in your step.

Dry Brushing

The winter elements are hard on our skin.Cold, frosty winds mixed with dry indoor heating can leave our skin dry, dull,and flaky. Dry brushing is a simple technique that removes dead skin,stimulates the cells of the epidermis, increases collagen production, and getsboth the blood and lymph moving. Use a brush that has soft, natural bristles,and starting at your toes, use a circular motion moving towards your heart,covering your whole body.

Spring Greens

The first veggies of spring are a veritablespectrum of every shade of green out there. Dandelion, spinach, parsley,watercress, asparagus, peas, and fennel are all some of the first to hit yourlocal farmers market, and make a great addition to your diet. Greens are hypercleansing as they contain a molecule known as chlorophyll which helps tonourish the blood, remove toxins, and get your colon functioning.


Our body is 60-70% water, so if you arelooking to cleanse you gotta drink! Being properly hydrated will help us flushout toxins, boost our immune system, increase energy, improve digestion, andkeep our muscles and joints lubricated.


Our skin is our body’s largest detox organ,so a good sweat session (an endurance ride will to the trick!) is a great wayto further get rid of any environmental toxins, or heavy metals that have beenlurking in our system. Plus moving the body is a great way to dust off allthose cobwebs and get everything flowing and moving again, as well as get yourbody in shape for those lighter spring fashion!

Healthy Fats

With warmer temps many of us start takingour exercise outside, but running on pavement, or an overzealous bike ride canleave us feeling sore and achy. Healthy fats will help reduce inflammation inour body, and just like water help to keep joints and muscles well lubricated.Try upping your amount of avocados, coconut oil, natural nut butters, olive oiland ghee in your diet to ensure you are getting your daily dose!

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