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The good weather is here and,our motivation is coming back as quickly as the warmth.  So, for the next three months Area Fitnesswill give you some exercise and nutrition suggestions to get you through yourworkout sessions:


For sustained energy throughyour workouts, here is an alternative to a sugary energy drink*:

*refined sugars lack vitamins and mineral. 

-           excessfructose promote visceral fat cells to mature

-           dailyoverconsumption could yield extra calories needed if you wanted to      gain an extra pound per month

-           digestivesystem becomes more acidic, impeding the absorption of  vitamins andminerals

-           danger ofnot feeling full like nutrient filled foods – causes overeating

-           lessconcern re: sugars from fruits as you are also getting valuable vitamins   and fibre



1.Fill a water bottle.

2.Add 1 whole lemon (sliced), small handful ofraspberry, small handful of mint, and a small handful of cucumber (sliced).

3.Leave in fridge overnight (or on counter forroom temperature).

4.Drink throughout the next day for an added boostof energy








If you are tight on time,slip 1 minute of cardio between 3 sets of the following exercise:


Beginner – Squatwith Shoulder Press


1.Stand with feet hip width apart, dumbbells atshoulder height, palms forward.

2.Hinge at the hips and bend the knees until thethighs are parallel with the floor.

3.Straighten your legs, while simultaneouslyraising the dumbbells overhead, return to starting position. Repeat.





Intermediate –Step Up with Shoulder Press

1.1. Stand with feet hip width apart, dumbbells atshoulder height, palms forward.

2.Step onto the box, one foot at a time.

3.Raise the dumbbells overhead.

4.Step off the box, lowering the dumbbellsreturning to the starting position. Repeat.






Advanced – BoxJump with Shoulder Press


1.Stand with feet hip width apart, dumbbells atshoulder height, palms forward.

2.Go into a ¼ squat, and jump up onto the box –remember to land softly and in a ¼ squat position.

3.Straighten the legs, while simultaneouslyraising the dumbbells overhead.

4.Step off the box, lowering the dumbbells to thestarting position. Repeat.


Let's Keep The Energy Up

            We have allheard the saying “you are what you eat”.While the quality and quantity of food affects how one feels and their bodycomposition, the ‘time’ that you choose to eat can play an important supportingrole.


Let’s talk about digestive enzymes!!!! Our digestive systemtakes over upon contact (food to mouth) and, these enzymes assist in thebreakdown of foods into components that the body absorbs and utilizes for,amongst many things, ENERGY.  Too muchand too frequently, we will tax our digestive enzymes thereby compromisingproper utilization and breakdown of our food: NO ENERGY!




1.The right quantity of food that is balanced inmacronutrients should leave one satisfied for at least 3-4 hours afterconsumption.  

2.WORKING OUT TODAY?  You should reach for a small nutrient filledsnack to assist you with your workouts.

3.TIMING is everything.



If you are like Connie and I, this is great news!   Now you can plan your daily fitnessactivities by getting the most ENERGY from what food has to offer; justremember EVERY FOUR (4) HOURS and work around that.




A.Check your food quantity. If you are not hungrywithin 4 hours, did you eat too much?  Ifyou are hungry within 2 hours, did you eat enough?

B.INTERNAL ENERGY DRAIN - Eating 2 hours beforebed!

C.EXTERNAL ENERGY DRAIN - Eating when you arestressed.  Not always ideal but try tofind time to enjoy your meals

D.ENERGY STIMULATOR – Eating 2 hours after wakingup!  If you workout early mornings: asimple carbohydrate with a little fat or protein (nut butter, nuts, coconut oilor hummus) would provide STEADY ENERGY.

E.AFTER workouts (about an hour after) - Make sureyou add great protein to that recovery meal (eggs, hemp seeds in your smoothie,tempeh, Area Fitness homemade protein bars).

F.DO NOT skip meals.  This could lead to unstable blood sugar(ENERGY DRAIN).